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Dawnsail Biotech has a strong cabinet consisting of many personnel, with a research and development(R&D) team worth mention including several returning to China from the U.S academically trained in and with work experience in the U.S. Since the establishment of Dawnsail Biotech, with collaboration with the Nano Research Center of Beijing Chinese Academy(CAS) giving a leading edge in the field, our R&D team has come up with eight various test kits within six months.

Microsphere Technology

The fluorescence lateral flow using a lanthanide as a label initiates the development of a new generation of immunoassays. The fluorescence intensity is measured after a selected delay time which almost completely eliminates background fluorescence, which has a fast decay time. The excitation is performed with a flashing light source. The molecules with a long fluorescent lifetime consist of chelates of rare earth metals. They absorb strongly the excitation radiation and transfer the energy to the chelated centra atom which in turn produces an emission spectrum characteristic of the lanthanide used. Along Stokes, shift (>270 nm) helps to reduce the background in the emission region of the chelate and thus optimizes the measurement of the relevant fluorescence. Depending on the instrumentation used for measuring fluorescence and the conditions used for chelate formation, lanthanides can be detected at 10-12-10-14 M concentrations.

Fluorescence Immunoassay Quantitative Detection is an innovative technology that combines traditional immunochromatography with fluorescent labeling. The sample will be combined with the marking antibody (Ab) on the conjugate pad and move forward by the lateral flow. It forms the Ab-Ag-Ab complex at the Test line and Ab-secondary Ab complex at the Control line. The fluorescence reader can accurately quantify the detection results by reading the fluorescent intensity of both lines.

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